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This isn't an easy time to acquire customers, but we're here to help with the:

TADA Referral Program

Reward Your Customers for Word of Mouth Marketing and Watch Your Business Grow

Spread the Word. Reward Your Customers. Grow Your Business.

"People are increasingly looking to monetize their passions. Use TADA Towns to delight your customers by rewarding them for word of mouth referrals."

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Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)


According to Investopedia,"word-of-mouth marketing is when a consumer's interest in a company's product or service is reflected in their daily dialogues. Essentially, it is free advertising triggered by customer experiences — and usually, something that goes beyond what they expected.".


It’s a universally accepted belief that WOMM is free advertising meaning it is acceptable to not pay one party (your customers) for doing the same thing another party does — spread the word about your brand.

Aside from being unfair, we believe your brand is missing a huge opportunity to grow your business when you don't pay your customers for doing the same thing you pay "others" to do.


Word of Mouth REIMAGINED

We figured out a way to scale paid word of mouth marketing (Paid WOMM) for local brands by simply reimagining it.


We use the latest technologies (e.g., smartphones, geofencing, QR Codes) and business models (e.g., Gig Economy, SaaS subscriptions) to make word of mouth marketing 10X better.


TADA Towns is like Groupon, but with an Uber business model.



Your Customers Earn: Unlike Groupon, we allow your most loyal customers to earn money when their marketing efforts deliver sales to your business. Most importantly, you get to decide how much to reward your customers instead of Groupon taking a 50% fee per item sold.



Source: Investopedia and Groupon 10-Ks


You Reward Your Customers with a Simple Scan: We give you the ability to reward your customers for word of mouth referrals as easy and simple as paying your Uber driver.


It's a Win-Win: It's a win-win for your brand . . . you get the sale and your customers get rewarded.


In the U.S. alone, local brands pay “advertisers” over $161B a year in an effort to reach their target customers.


However, little (if any) of these ad dollars ever go to their most effective, loyal and credible “advertisers” their customers.


We think with the launch of TADA Towns, and our innovative Paid WOMM service, there is an opportunity to redirect 5% (or perhaps as much as 10%) of local advertising dollars to an existing, but underappreciated advertiser your customers.

Better customer acquisition starts here

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A local brand can join and post for FREE forever just like they post or tweet for free on other platforms.


A local brand can accelerate their growth with a new type of digital advertising that provides local brands with the ability to reward their customers for word of mouth referrals that lead to sales ("TRUST Advertising").


A local brand always has the option to upgrade to a monthly SaaS subscription (a "GEO") that allows placement of your geofenced application in our patent pending GEO Store (a location-based app store).


Digital Ads

Social Media


TRUST Advertising: The Future of Advertising

TRUST Advertising (Paid WOMM) is the future of advertising and exists independent of the Silicon Valley ad tech ecosystem.


Most importantly, it returns us to what we did BEFORE advertising — shared messages with one another via word of mouth.


Aside from influencer marketing, it's an accepted fact that individuals do not receive economic incentives or payments for word of mouth marketing.


But everything changes with the launch of TADA Towns.



Social Media Platforms

Invest in Another's Community 

You spread the word about your brand by paying the platform to place your ad, promotion, etc. in front of your targeted user.

Invest in Your Community 

You spread the word about your brand by paying local influencers and tastemakers in your local community to share your ad, promotion, etc. with your targeted user.


The problem is understood to be a math (or algorithm-based) problem, so algorithms are used to deliver your message to your target customers (Social Ads).


The problem is understood to be a trust (or human-based) problem, so trust is used to deliver your message to your target customers (TRUST Ads)


You pay based on the number of impressions served to targeted users not sales to those same users.


You pay based on the sales delivered to your brand due to the word of mouth referrals of local influencers, tastemakers, etc.


Unlike other forms of advertising, TADA is not a platform built around big data algorithms or focused on vanity metrics like the number of users, likes, clicks, impressions, engagement, etc. If that's what you're looking for, we have some great platform suggestions for you.


We are focused on one thing (trust) and using it to help your local brand generate more sales.

TADA Referral Program

TADA Towns and our TRUST Advertising framework enables any participating brand to establish a vast network of incentivized micro-marketers working for their brand via our innovative referral program.

TRUST Advertising.png

TRUST Advertising (our brand name for Paid WOMM) is not only advertising that you must do to stay ahead of your competitors — it’s advertising you will be glad to do because by rewarding your customers, you’re reinvesting in your business and your local community (something you can't say about just about every other type of advertising, especially, digital advertising).


Since you’re paying your customers, it's almost like paying yourself. How is that? When you pay your customers, then there is a much greater likelihood that the money you paid to “advertise” will come back to your business in the form of customer loyalty and repeat business.

TRUST Advertising is advertising you can trust because you're rewarding your customers not some company that isn’t based or invests in your customers or your local community.

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The use of another party's network (business or personal) to deliver a message about your brand's products or services..


TRUST Advertising (a new type of local advertising that is simply Paid WOMM) will enable the transfer of billions of dollars of digital ad revenue to millions of people scattered around the world.

In the U.S. alone, local brands spend over $161B+ annually on local advertising. With TRUST Advertising (or Paid WOMM), we think there is an opportunity to redirect 5% (or perhaps as much as 10%) of those funds to an existing, but underappreciated advertiser your customers.



Digital advertising is a brilliant answer to the wrong question.

The question for your brand isn't "Can you optimize your digital advertising spend to get more clicks or impressions?" The right question is "Why should people trust you enough to buy what you sell?"

Brands may spend thousands, or in some cases millions of dollars, on elaborately conceived advertising campaigns, yet often what really makes up a customer’s mind is a word of mouth recommendation from a trusted source (we call this "TRUST Advertising").


With traditional and digital advertising, the brand with the most money gets the most exposure; but with TRUST Advertising, the brand with the MOST TRUST gets the most exposure.

"The most credible advertising comes from people we know and trust."

Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Study

Source: Invesp Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Retention - Statistics and Trends

Word of Mouth Marketing: Not Tracked, Measured or Rewarded

McKinsey recently reported that "word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions."


You’re likely getting more business from word of mouth referrals from your loyal customers (your brand advocates) than you get from ALL your local advertising channels combined. However, until TADA Towns, local brands did not have an easy way to incentivize (e.g., track, measure, reward) word of mouth referrals.


Your greatest and most trusted sales resource is being underutilized simply because no one has chosen to maximize this remarkable customer acquisition channel for your business.

"The power in marketing is moving from the brands with the biggest checkbooks to the brands with the biggest group of fans."

Word of Mouth Referrals

The Future of Customer Acquisition

Apply to be one of the first brands to use our innovative TRUST Advertising framework and get ready to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

Want to hear more? Leave your brand info and we'll get back to you.

Join our waitlist and receive your 1st 3 months of a TADA GEO Store subscription for free (a $150 value).

Your Customers Will Love TADA Towns and Our Innovative Reward Program

Reward your customers and help them gain local status and influence

Research shows that brand advocates (people who habitually share information on the products and services they use) are thought leaders in their constantly expanding social circles and their actions influence the purchase decisions of many others.


Your advocates can be your brand's most effective salespeople when they casually share photos and links about things they have bought or want to buy.

If you reward your advocates with points and cash, you will have a unique opportunity to help your customers gain more influence while simultaneously helping your brand to acquire more customers.


Local Influencer Badges






Town Leaderboard

Keep Track Where TADA Towns Will Be Arriving Next

The beta version of TADA Towns will roll out on a city-by-city basis. The Town Leaderboard shows the top 5 towns (cities) we are currently tracking, but we will be adding more soon.

Sign-up for our waitlist, share with your network and move your city up the leaderboard.

Don't see your town? Suggest a new one and if your town receives enough suggestions, then we will add it to (or move it up) the list.


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We've seen the future of local advertising because we built it.

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TADA Towns is transforming the very business model of local advertising. By injecting technology and transparency into an industry that often lacks both, we’re creating a new type of digital advertising that is fast, fair and fun.


Unlike companies that get paid by click, impression, video viewed, etc., we take a flat fee. Most importantly, we created a platform where your local brand can reward (and, eventually, pay) the most efficient and credible advertiser the world has ever known for word of mouth marketing – your customers.

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