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A suite of products integrated into local groups that's focused on one thing helping brick-and-mortar brands acquire customers.

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Customer Acquisition Made Easy With Local Groups

Each local group (whether it's a city, town or neighborhood) is open to the public to join, post and participate subject to our community guidelines.

Consumers can join, post and participate to earn more influence and brands can join, post and participate to acquire more customers.

Then more customers come to visit your business, smart app, etc.

When customers post to gain more likes, points, badges, etc.

Open, Participatory Local Groups

More Influence

Your customers want more influence.

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More Customers

Your business wants more customers.

Local groups mirror our real world experiences – when you drive into a new city or neighborhood, you don't need to be admitted by a group admin to be able to go to a restaurant, store, venue, etc.

Your context (your physical presence in that city, town, neighborhood, etc. at that time) grants you instant access to local resources that can be revoked if your behavior is inappropriate, offensive, rude, threatening, etc.

In contrast, local groups in social networks often are private and require an approval before you can join.

Brands want customers and consumers want status, recognition, influence, etc.

Reward Your Customers' Loyalty

Your customers want more influence.

Customer Acquisition Made Easy

Your business wants more customers.

It's not enough to have local groups that just benefit local brands – you must have a platform that incentivizes and rewards a brand's most loyal customers for their engagement.

The vast majority of your customers have no interest in gaining local status by sharing information that might help others to LIVE, WORK, SHOP and PLAY Better.

But the 10% that do can change the future of your business.

"Most users rarely tweet, but the top 10% create 80% of tweets."

– Pew Research Center (Sizing Up Twitter Users)

How does it work?

Reward Your Customers' Loyalty

A potential conversation with your customer about your Smart App (that's available exclusively on the TaDaah platform) might go like this:

YOU: Hi . . . have you heard about this new mobile app? We're using it  to offer promotions, vouchers, discounts, etc. to our best customers.

YOUR CUSTOMER: Sounds nice, but what's in it for me?

YOU: What's really cool about this new app is that in addition to you receiving our latest promotions, vouchers, discounts, etc. directly from us, the app also provides you with the ability to earn points and influence by simply sharing what's happening in our local community. Additionally, the people with the most points appear on top of a local leaderboard and may eventually receive prizes, rewards, gifts, etc.

More Posts, More Influence

Your most loyal customers are your brand ambassadors, so we created a platform that rewards them for their loyalty in a way that's not available on any other platform.

Your customers earn 10 points for reposting (sharing) your Smart App with people in their network (available only to brands that have a paid subscription), 5 points for an original post and 1 point for every upvote (i.e., a rating of 4 or 5 stars) they receive for a post or repost.

With each post and upvote, your customers gain more influence and you gain a better opportunity to acquire more customers.

One Platform, Two Happy Users . . . your customers will use the platform to earn influence (e.g., likes, points, followers, badges, leads on leaderboards) and you will use the platform to acquire customers.

Sign-up for your Smart App today and use it to drive traffic and sales to your brick-and-mortar business.

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Where your interests and your customers' interests are aligned.

Brands Will Love

Customer Acquisition Software (CAaaS)



Customer acquisition software is a paid subscription service that's designed to streamline and simplify the process of acquiring new customers for brick-and-mortar brands.

Customer Acquisition as a Service ("CAaaS") (pronounced /kaz/) is a subscription-based service – your brand doesn't pay per impression, click, video viewed, etc. It's a solution designed for businesses ignored by traditional technology providers.


With TaDaah, your brick-and-mortar business now has a software as a service (SaaS) solution for customer acquisition that (1) takes only minutes – not hours, days or weeks – to get up and running, and (2) leverages the world's most credible advertiser – your customers.

"The most credible advertising comes from people we know and trust."

– Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Study

Better customer acquisition starts here

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Consumers Will Love

Local Leaderboards

Your Customers Want

More Status

Local Leaderboard Icon.png

You Want

More Customers

Local leaderboards are better than local advertising

Local advertising is an expensive, inefficient and less credible way to acquire customers.

It’s not unusual to place an ad in front of a 100,000 people and not get a single click. It doesn't get a click because the ad doesn't have our permission instead it interrupts us.

In contrast, when we hear something from people we know and trust people who have our permission to "advertise" to us something special happens.

The costs of local advertising is passed through to the consumer in higher product costs

The gamification of local information with local leaderboards is going to be the next BIG THING because it's going to reduce your costs to acquire customers exponentially. If you own, run or manage a brick-and-mortar brand, don't miss out!


Get in early and help your top customers become local influencers and tastemakers – people who set the standards for what is currently popular – by simply spreading the word about your brick-and-mortar brand.

Use the power, credibility and reach of your top customers (your brand ambassadors) to drive traffic to your physical location.





Influencer Marketing

More Influence

Your customers want more influence.

More Customers

Your business wants more customers.

Your customers' credibility and mobility makes them one of the most efficient and effective advertisers the world has ever known.


Customer acquisition is one of the hardest and most expensive aspects of running any business.

Made Easy

"Customer acquisition made easy for brick-and-mortar businesses."


Did you know that acquiring a new customer can cost anywhere from 5 to 25 times more than keeping an existing one?

Source: Marketing Land, "D2C brands are driving up customer acquisition costs – and it’s time to course-correct" (July 25, 2019).


Customer acquisition for brick-and-mortar brands is fundamentally different than any other type of businesses.

The vast majority of customers for brick-and-mortar businesses live or work within 10 - 20 miles of a given physical location (e.g., 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store).

We've built a suite of software products that's designed specifically to help brick-and-mortar businesses acquire customers simpler, faster and cheaper than ever before and it all starts with a free Smart App.

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Try all products for free for 30 days

We've seen the future of local marketing because we built it.

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Social Sharing

Social Sharing

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Most local businesses do not need a downloadable mobile app on their customers' phones – many just need a piece of software that helps them get the job done quickly.

Do your customers need the TaDaah! mobile app to view your smart app?

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TaDaah! is a software as a service ("SaaS") platform that makes it easier for brick-and-mortar businesses to acquire customers. Our customer acquisition platform helps brick-and-mortar businesses increase their local reach and local brand awareness in their local communities.

Sign-up for a free smart app and use it to share information about your local business that will help your business get customers.

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