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To provide local businesses with an unfair advantage in attracting, engaging and delighting their customers.

Our business model

Local businesses subscribe to a new owned media technology that makes it easier to connect with customers nearby.

Our industry

We are a US-based developer of software products for marketing, sales, and customer service focused exclusively on local businesses.

Our customer

We are a SaaS platform aimed directly at local businesses, not consumers. 



The Story Behind Smart Apps:

A New Type of Owned Media for Local Businesses



The story behind the Smart App started in the summer of 2016 with a simple search query on our favorite search engine with the keywords “Northern Virginia entrepreneur programs for teens.”

Outdated Search Results

To our surprise, the results were either outdated or irrelevant. We changed a few keywords, searched a few more times, but got the same or similar results.  After a few more unsuccessful queries, we figured there were simply no relevant local entrepreneur programs for our then 13-year old daughter.

Local, Social Discovery

Around the same time, my wife coincidentally discovered via a friend’s post on social media that Junior Achievement of Greater Washington (a global, non-profit youth organization with multiple offices in the Northern Virginia area) was having a one-week entrepreneurship summit for teens the following week in Fairfax, VA.

The Wrong Keywords

As it turns out, since we didn’t use the right keywords (e.g., Greater Washington, Junior Achievement, summit), our search results did not contain the local opportunity with JA that transformed our daughter’s life.

The Question That Started It All

This prompted us to ask one question, "What else is happening nearby that's not appearing in our search results?"

The Birth of the Smart App

It was at this point we knew that was a need for a new type of owned media targeted specifically at local brands like JA of Greater Washington and the idea behind the Smart App. Our goal was simple . . . make it simpler, faster and cheaper for local organizations like JA of Greater Washington to connect and communicate with customers nearby.

We created Smart Apps to cut out the middlemen and provide every local business with the digital media required to connect directly with their customers.



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TaDaah! is a new digital media platform that connects consumers with local businesses. Our smart media platform helps local businesses increase their local reach and local brand awareness in their communities.

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