How TaDaah Works?

Step 1: Get TaDaah!

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Download: Get the TaDaah! app in Apple’s App Store

Step 2: Get a Smart App Subscription

Register: Register a Smart App for your local business in seconds for free

Step 3: Tell Your Customers About Your Smart App

Share: Drive traffic to your business by telling your customers about your new mobile app and the real-time promotions, specials, discounts, vouchers, etc. you will offer on it.

Step 4: Generate Sales with Your Smart App

Connect, Sell and Grow: Your Smart App will help you connect with customers nearby, sell more of what you offer and grow your local business.

TaDaah Analytics

Included with Every Paid Subscription

With a paid subscription, TaDaah Analytics gives you the tools you need to analyze data for your local business in one place, so you can make smarter decisions.

Complete information

Understand your smart app users to better check the performance of your marketing, content, products, and more.

Get insights only TaDaah can give for your local business

Access TaDaah's unique insights to make the most of your data.

Connect your insights to results

Analytics provide the data you use to make insights to deliver business results.

Better Data = Better Decision-Making

With a paid subscription, we will provide your local business with an insights dashboard that provides you with data that helps you to make better decisions about your local marketing campaigns:

  1. Number of Impressions: The number of people who saw your Smart App.

  2. Number of Clicks: The number of people who selected (clicked) your Smart App.

  3. Number of Likes: The number of people who liked your Smart App.

  4. Number of Shares: The number of people who shared/re-posted your Smart App with someone internally (e.g., in app via our direct messaging feature) or externally (e.g., over email, text, social media).

Most of the world will make decisions by either guessing or using their gut.


They will be either lucky or wrong.

You won't guess or use your gut because you will have insights that will inform your decision-making.


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TaDaah! is a software as a service ("SaaS") platform that makes it easier for brick-and-mortar businesses to acquire customers. Our customer acquisition platform helps brick-and-mortar businesses increase their local reach and local brand awareness in their local communities.

Sign-up for a free smart app and use it to share information about your local business that will help your business get customers.

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