smart app is a no code mobile app that provides each local establishment with their OWN digital identity.

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Traditional Mobile Apps


Smart Mobile Apps


Focus: Brand

One Brand,

Multiple Users

No Network Effects


Focus: Connections

Multiple Brands,

Multiple Users

Network Effects

Smart Apps

A No Code App Built for Local Brands

Traditional mobile apps were never meant for local businesses, and our behavior proves it.

One Brand = Fewer Downloads

Any mobile app that provides consumers an opportunity to interact with ONLY one brand is guaranteed to do one thing: not get downloaded by a majority of the brand's customers.


No one is going to have an app installed on their phone for EVERY local brand they interact with in any given day.

Our Solution

A new type of mobile app (a smart app) that increases in value to both you and your customers as more brands and more consumers join the platform. 

Network Effects

Smart Apps

When more brands list local offers, promotions, etc.

Then more consumers sign up to receive offers, promotions, etc. from their favorite brands


Simply put, a network effect occurs when a product or service becomes more valuable to its users as more people use it (e.g., a phone, a social network, a smart app).

Traditional Mobile App: Aside from social networks, users do not get incremental value when others download and use a mobile app. As a result, most mobile apps do NOT have network effects.

Smart Mobile App: In contrast, users (both brands and consumers) get incremental value when others join TaDaah! and connect with their favorite local brands via the brand's smart app(s).

TaDaah's Smart App Platform

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Visible Smart Apps



Not nearby and, therefore, not visible in our news feed, map or local marketplace

Smart apps dynamically appear and disappear based on a given user's physical proximity to them.


"A smart object (e.g., thermostat, speaker, app) is a context-aware digital object capable of performing autonomous computing and exchanging data with other connected objects."

A smart app is a smart object designed specifically and exclusively for local businesses that NEVER has to be installed or downloaded.


Although it's lightweight (i.e., your customers can access it quickly with little to no effort), it's far more effective at getting your business noticed locally than a traditional mobile app because it is also smart.


Smart apps are "smart" because they continuously learn from every interaction to improve the next interaction because they are connected (social graph), context-aware (location-based) and autonomous (continuously and autonomously appear at the moment they are needed).

  • Connected: Smart apps are connected to both people and other smart apps via a social graph (e.g., who you follow, what you like, what you post).

  • Context-Aware: Smart apps are location-based, so they can sense, react and adapt based upon people who are in close geographic proximity to your business (e.g., within 5 miles).

  • Autonomous: Smart apps continuously and autonomously appear at the moment when a prospective customer might need them (e.g., when they are physically near your local establishment).

Not Smart: Since a traditional mobile app "sits and waits" to be discovered in an app store, it fails our definition for a smart app.

"Traditional mobile apps are great, but unless you pay to market them, it's hard to get noticed locally using them."


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TADA Towns is transforming the very business model of local advertising. By injecting technology and transparency into an industry that often lacks both, we’re creating a new type of digital advertising that is fast, fair and fun.


Unlike companies that get paid by click, impression, video viewed, etc., we take a flat fee. Most importantly, we created a platform where your local brand can reward (and, eventually, pay) the most efficient and credible advertiser the world has ever known for word of mouth marketing – your customers.

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