Do you need a TaDaah! Premium subscription to post Pins and earn points now (and cash later)?

  • Absolutely not! Anyone (individuals or brands) can use Pins to share engaging information about something happening in their local community. Anyone (individuals and brands) with something to say can Pin for free and any brand can subscribe to an Applet for free.
  • Actually, local users who Pin the most engaging content will earn points now (and cash later) simply for pinning information that helps others in their local community to LIVE, WORK, SHOP and PLAY BETTER.
  • You only need a TaDaah! Premium subscription if you (1) are a local brand with at least one physical location, and (2) need enhanced features, functionality, capabilities, etc. that are not included in TaDaah! Free.

How much will I make under the Influencer Program?

  • It will vary based upon a number of factors.
  • Currently, users only earn points (Vibe Points) for their Pins, likes, shares, etc. However, once we exit our pilot, users will be paid every month based on how others in their local community engage with their Pins. Some factors we will consider in awarding points now (and cash later) include (1) the number of Pins (how many Pins created), (2) the engagement and applause from the local community (how many 4 or 5 Star reviews you receive for your Pin(s) from local citizens, (3) how many of your Pins were shared, and a host of other scoring factors.

Where does TaDaah! get the money to pay local users?

  • We charge local brands a monthly subscription for TaDaah! Premium – the premium version of our patent-pending geofencing technology.
  • Thirty percent ($3.00) of each local brand's $9.99/month subscription per location is distributed to local users that generate the most local engagement (i.e., 4 or 5 Star reviews).

Why did TaDaah! create the Influencer Program?

  • We believe the current business model for social networks is broken and it's time for a better social network - a social network designed to pay individuals for the value they bring to (and create for) social networks. We believe every voice has value (not just celebrities with millions of followers), so we're building a place where you can share and get rewarded for the value you create.