Plug and Play: Growing your business is like a playing a video game

Plug and Play is a catchy phrase used to describe devices that work with a computer system as soon as they are connected. For example, if you connect a Plug and Play mouse to the USB port on your computer, it will begin to work within a few seconds of being plugged in. A non plug and play device would require you to go through several steps of installing drivers and setting up the device before it would work.

If you think about it, a traditional mobile app is a non plug and play technology because you have to go through several steps before it can work for you (e.g., interview a developer, hire a developer, customize the mobile app for your business, launch to an app store).

In contrast, a smart app is Plug and Play by design. We have a growing list of standardized templates that will make it simpler, faster and cheaper for you to get your mobile app working in minutes so that you can use it connect with customers and grow your local business.

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TADA Towns is transforming the very business model of local advertising. By injecting technology and transparency into an industry that often lacks both, we’re creating a new type of digital advertising that is fast, fair and fun.


Unlike companies that get paid by click, impression, video viewed, etc., we take a flat fee. Most importantly, we created a platform where your local brand can reward (and, eventually, pay) the most efficient and credible advertiser the world has ever known for word of mouth marketing – your customers.

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