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smart app is a geolocated app for brick-and-mortar businesses that's placed in a location-based app store that's available only with a local groups premium subscription.

Why brick-and-mortar businesses?

Geo apps provide brick-and-mortar businesses with an unfair advantage (a superpower) in attracting and acquiring customers nearby.

There are certain things that we do better together and we tend to do them at local gathering places where we meet, dine, shop, play, work, watch, learn, compete, etc. ("brick-and-mortar businesses").

Geo apps allow your brick-and-mortar business to quickly form personal, long-lasting relationships with your customers – both new and existing – throughout their journey to LIVE, WORK, SHOP and PLAY Better.

Geo Apps

Customer Acquisition Built for Brick-and-Mortars

geo app is a new customer acquisition tool for brick-and-mortar businesses.


It's a simpler, faster and lower cost tool to acquire customers in your local community than legacy solutions (e.g., the direct mail envelope and postcard).

A Long Overdue Digital Transformation

Direct Mail

Geo Apps

A $40B+ a year industry in the U.S. alone



Customer Acquisition

Reimagined. Redesigned. Reinvented.

Geo Apps Include Actionable Intelligence

Only The Numbers That Matter

With a premium subscription, we will provide your local business with a dashboard that contains insights over a given period that include the following:

  1. Number of Impressions: The number of people who saw your Geo App.

  2. Number of Clicks: The number of people who selected (tapped/clicked) your Geo App.

  3. Number of Likes: The number of people who liked your Geo App.

  4. Number of Re-Posts: The number of people who shared/re-posted your Geo App with someone internally (e.g., in app via our direct messaging feature) or externally (e.g., over email, text, social media).

NOTE: We will continue to update your local dashboard with metrics that help you to analyze the effectiveness of your customer acquisition campaigns and, as a result, improve your overall decision-making.


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TADA Towns is transforming the very business model of local advertising. By injecting technology and transparency into an industry that often lacks both, we’re creating a new type of digital advertising that is fast, fair and fun.


Unlike companies that get paid by click, impression, video viewed, etc., we take a flat fee. Most importantly, we created a platform where your local brand can reward (and, eventually, pay) the most efficient and credible advertiser the world has ever known for word of mouth marketing – your customers.

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