The Problem

Customer acquisition BEFORE the Smart App.

Local brands spend $161B+ a year in the U.S. alone to acquire new customers. 

Customer Acquisition

(without a Smart App)




Complex & Expensive Customer Acquisition Processes. Currently, the process of acquiring new customers for a brick-and-mortar business might include the following activities:

  1. Run a TV ad (Cost: $10K - $100K+ per 30 second commercial) 

  2. Run a local billboard ad (Cost: $2K - $12K+ per month depending upon the market and the location)

  3. Run a radio ad (Cost: $200 - $5k+ per week depending upon the number of ad spots and number of listeners)

  4. Pay for search ads (Cost: $200 - $4K+ month)

  5. Pay for website optimization (SEO) (Cost: $1k+ a year)

  6. Post frequently on social media (Cost: Free)

  7. Pay for social media ads (Cost: $200 - 4K+ a month)

  8. Place an ad in the local newspaper, Yellow Pages, etc. (Cost: $200+ per month)

  9. Pay for website banner ads (Cost: $300+ per month)

  10. Run a promotion on Groupon (Cost: 50% revenue share for every item sold on Groupon; $100 - $1K+ per month depending on the number of items sold)

  11. Send an email campaign (Cost: $10 - $1K+ per month)

  12. Build your own mobile app (Cost: Free - $100K+ per app)

  13. Run a direct mail ad campaign (Cost: $2K - $3k+ per 6 months; 6 month contract required for many direct mail providers)

It’s not that advertising can’t work.

It’s simply that it’s not the right answer for everyone.

The Solution

Customer acquisition AFTER the Smart App.

Customer Acquisition

(with a Smart App)

Smart Apps simplify the process of acquiring new customers.


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A Simpler and Cheaper Customer Acquisition Process for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Download the TaDaah mobile app

Sign-up for a Smart App and promote your brick-and-mortar business

Tell your customers about your new mobile app

Drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar location with your Smart App

Acquire new customers & generate new sales because of your Smart App


  • Smart App: Free. Also includes a (1) free About Us page, and (2) free placement in a location-based app directory

  • Customer Acquisition Tools: Included in a paid subscription ($20 per month per brick-and-mortar location)

No Credit Card Required

Customer Acquisition

Reimagined. Redesigned. Reinvented.

All the tools you need to grow your local business.

Every paid subscription includes the following tools:

Widget Carousel: An ability to share a mix of content (e.g., photos, videos, discounts, links to your website) as a single carousel post that your customers can swipe through.

App Directory: Placement of your smart app in a location-based app directory for simpler and faster discovery by customers in your local community.

Local Leaderboard: A location-based leaderboard that allows your top customers to earn points and influence by simply sharing information about your brand.

QR Code: A QR Code that can be linked to your website AND used to offer real-time promotions, specials, vouchers, discounts, contactless menus, etc.

Analytics: An insights dashboard for your smart app(s) that provides you with the data you need to make smarter decisions about your local marketing campaigns.

"I'm too busy to stop and listen!"

Customer Acquisition

  • Local Advertising

  • Social Media

  • Website

  • Email

  • . . . 

Smart Apps


the tools you need to grow your local business

Get a Smart App and Get . . .

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Get a Smart App and get an unfair advantage in acquiring customers in your local community. Get simplicity, connections and status.

Get a Smart App and get simplicitySmart apps make it both easier and cheaper to acquire new customers.

Get a Smart App and get connectionsSmart apps provide you with a simpler and faster way to connect and interact with people in your local community.

Get a Smart App and get status. Be the envy of any business that doesn't have a physical location because smart apps are available exclusively for brick-and-mortar businesses.

No Credit Card Required

Source: Invesp Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Retention - Statistics and Trends


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TaDaah! is a software as a service ("SaaS") platform that makes it easier for brick-and-mortar businesses to acquire customers. Our customer acquisition platform helps brick-and-mortar businesses increase their local reach and local brand awareness in their local communities.

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