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Are you a local business with a physical location?

If so, then you are likely a small business that has a website, but does not have the money to afford your own mobile app.

As you seek to reach more customers to both survive and thrive in these difficult times, you are likely stuck in a solutions gap.

Local businesses (particularly, small local businesses) need a better way to reach their customers, but websites don't offer the functionality they need and mobile apps are too expensive to build and maintain for a small business.

The Solution: Applets

An Applet is a virtual mobile app designed specifically for local businesses (brands with physical locations like stores, restaurants, churches, gyms, etc.).

Virtualization is the process of creating a software-based, or virtual, representation of something (e.g., virtualization of a machine or application so that many companies (multiple tenants) can reside on a single machine or application but still be completely self-contained and independent).

Additionally, since Applets are "virtualized" you don't download them like a mobile app, you can browse them like a website.

Mobile apps are expensive to build and hard to maintain

The average cost to build a mobile app is $270,000.

Given how much it costs to build and maintain a mobile app, most small local businesses can't afford their own mobile app.

Applets were designed to give all businesses (but, particularly, smaller ones) the functionality of a mobile app WITHOUT the added expense.

Infographic Source Data: https://www.formotus.com/blog/figuring-the-costs-of-custom-mobile-business-app-development

Applets are inexpensive

We are so confident in the value that Applets will provide to your local business we offer them on a freemium basis; in other words, there's a free and premium (paid) version.

Sign-up for TaDaah! Free and begin using Applets to provide real-time updates about what's happening at your local brand with a single-page Applet.

Upgrade to TaDaah! Premium and get a multi-page Applet which enhances your ability to share real-time updates with a growing suite of pre-formatted Applet pages.

* Based on our experience and research, it will cost (on average) between $10K - $100K+ to develop and market a mobile app with the same features and functionality we provide with patent-pending Applet technology.

Applets are easy-to-use

Applets are not only inexpensive, but they are incredibly easy-to-use.

If you can type, text or tweet, then you know everything you need to know to create (register) and maintain an Applet.

There's no need to hire a web or mobile app developer – Applets are a do-it-yourself (DIY) technology that can be up and running in seconds.

Why now?

Local businesses provide employment opportunities, goods, services and the gathering places that are the soul of local communities.

While smaller local businesses can afford websites, most can't afford to build and maintain a mobile app.

So, we've designed and developed a virtual mobile app (an "Applet") for them. Applets are available NOW, but only via the TaDaah! mobile app.

What comes next?

Websites (circa 1991) are low-cost, but low functionality.

Mobile apps (circa 2007) are high-cost, but high functionality.

Applets (circa 2020) are low-cost and high functionality which makes them accessible and affordable for any local business (large or small) with a physical location; as a result, they will be a must-have for any local business looking to reach more customers.

Physical stores are closing at an accelerated rate.

Before the COVID-19 global pandemic, physical stores were closing at an accelerated pace. As such, it's scary to think about what the numbers might look like post-pandemic.

While there are a number of factors that can explain this trend, we believe one of the primary factors has been the inability of local businesses to reach their customers effectively and inexpensively.

Chart Source Data: https://www.iab.com/insights/brand-disruption-study-2020-direct-brands-go-mainstream/

Change or Close: The Evolution of Technologies for Local Businesses

Local businesses need a more effective and affordable solution to compete against the onslaught of online sales.

Applets are the answer – you can think of an Applet as a mobile app or a virtual mobile app specific to a physical location (e.g., a store, restaurant, church, gym, bar, nightclub, theatre, museum).

Applets are simply the next evolution of where brands will conduct their digital operations with their customers (virtual storefronts).

Download the App today and start using your new virtual storefront – an Applet – to connect with your customers near your physical location.

Patent-Pending Technology

Our patent-pending geofencing technology is seamlessly integrated into every Applet (both free and paid versions). We've spent the time and money developing a better way for local businesses to CONNECT better, SELL more and GROW faster so that local businesses can focus more on what they do best – helping us to LIVE, WORK, SHOP AND PLAY BETTER in our local communities.


What's the difference between a virtual mobile app and a mobile app?

  • Physical Location: A virtual mobile app (an Applet) is specific to a physical location (e.g., a store, restaurant, nightclub, school, theatre, gym, park, coffee shop, museum, dry cleaner, hair salon); in other words, an Applet cannot exist without a physical location which makes a physical location a dependent variable for an Applet. In contrast, a mobile app can exist with or without a physical location which makes physical location an independent variable for a mobile app.
  • Cost: The average cost for an Applet (a virtual mobile app) is free. We are so confident in the value that Applets will provide to local businesses we offer them on a freemium basis. We expect a large percentage of local businesses will initially subscribe for the free version and once they see the benefits of an Applet, we expect many will upgrade to the premium version. For a limited period of time, the premium version of an Applet will cost only $9.99/month per location (e.g., if a local business has 5 locations, then they can elect to upgrade to premium for any, all or none of their locations). In contrast, the average cost to develop and deploy a mobile app is $270,000 per mobile app. [Source: https://www.formotus.com/blog/figuring-the-costs-of-custom-mobile-business-app-development].
  • Browse vs. Download: An Applet (a virtual mobile app) is software that you browse and a mobile app is software that you download. According to Google, the average number of mobile apps installed on users' smartphones is 35. With 30M+ businesses in the U.S. alone, we cannot expect consumers to download software (place a new icon on their smartphones) every time they want to interact with a local business. [Source: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/data/average-number-of-apps-on-smartphones/].

What's the difference between TaDaah! Free and TaDaah! Premium?

  • Same Patent-Pending Technology: TaDaah! Free and TaDaah! Premium both rely upon the same patent-pending technology except you get more of it with TaDaah! Premium. TaDaah! is a freemium service which means we offer a free version (TaDaah! Free) and a premium version (TaDaah! Premium).
  • TaDaah! Free: TaDaah! Free allows any brand with a physical location to register/claim their location for free. It includes a single-page Applet.
  • TaDaah! Premium: Brands can elect to upgrade their TaDaah! Free service to a TaDaah! Premium monthly subscription (for a limited time, $9.99/month per location). It includes a multi-page Applet which provides local businesses with enhanced tools for reaching more local customers.

Why Applets? Why Now?

  • Times Have Changed: COVID-19 has exposed many opportunities for improvement across countries, states, cities and industries. Specifically, it has rocked the American economy, but it will disproportionately impact smaller businesses for many years.
  • Support Local Businesses: We've developed the idea of a virtual mobile app (what we call an "Applet") to make it easier and cheaper for local businesses (of all sizes) to reach their customers.

This sounds very technical to me. How much do I need to know to register and manage an Applet for my local business?

  • If you can type, text or tweet, then you know everything you will ever need to know to create and manage an Applet.
  • There's no need to hire a web or mobile app developer. Applets have been designed so that anyone can create and manage them.

I'm a brand with 10 locations. Do I pay for 1 Applet or 10 Applets?

  • It's totally up to you. Remember you can register your Applets for free; as such, you can register all 10 locations for free OR only pay $9.99/month per location for the specific locations you want additional Applet pages.

In addition to Applets, I heard that a local business can also Pin local information on TaDaah! for free. What's the difference between a Pin and an Applet?

  • Applets are available for use by local businesses only. If you don't have a local business, then you should NOT sign-up for an Applet.
  • In contrast, Pins can be used by both individuals and local businesses. Actually, we strongly encourage individuals and local businesses to pin as much and as often as they like.
  • Another key difference between a Pin and an Applet is that Pins are Free Forever and Applets are Freemium.

What about social media? Aren't social media platforms a good way to reach local customers for local businesses?

  • Yes and no. Social media is like a billboard – it's a place where local businesses market their business.
  • In contrasts, websites, mobile apps, and, now, Applets are places where local businesses conduct their business.
  • In the same way you don't run (conduct) your business from a billboard, you don't run (conduct) your business from a social media platform; however, in both instances, billboards and social media platforms are a great way to get the message out about your business.