Now your business has the power to win against competitors 10X your size  

Grow your local business with a free Applet (smart, new technology for  local businesses) 

Grow Your Local Business with an Applet

All of the benefits.

None of the drawbacks.


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 A new way for local businesses to connect and communicate with customers nearby.

Not every local business can have a mobile app on their customers' phones – many just need a piece of software that helps them get the job done quickly.

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More than 5B+ people worldwide use mobile phones and mobile applications.

If you want to reach people in your local community, then your local business needs to be mobile as well.


A Better Way To Attract, Engage and Delight Customers Nearby



Your Local Business


Your Superpower

A Business Empowered to Take on Competitors 10X Your Size that have 10X Your Marketing Budget

Mobile Apps vs. Applets:

Which is better for local businesses looking to connect and communicate with customers in their local community?

Your Local Business

Mobile Apps

Same Outcome



$10K - $100K+


Customers Download Your Mobile App to Access Your Content Via Your App



In both instances, your customers can connect directly with you via your mobile app or your Applet EXCEPT one will cost you $10K – $100K+ to connect and communicate with your customers nearby while the other will cost you $0 – $20 a month to do the same thing.


$0 - $20/month

Customers Download the TaDaah! App to Access Your Content Via Your Applet

One Additional Process Step Will Save Your Local Business Months of Time and Thousands of Dollars

Option A (Mobile Apps)

  1. Develop: Develop your mobile app which includes the time to find, interview and hire a competent, reliable and trustworthy software developer to build your mobile app (Avg. time: 1 - 6+ months)

  2. Invest: Pay the developer to build, test and deploy your mobile app to the App Store (Avg. cost: $10K - $100K+)

  3. Market: Once your mobile app is approved by the App Store, tell your customers to download your app so that they can receive offers, promotions, discounts, etc. directly from your local business via your mobile app which is controlled primarily by your app developer.

Option B (Applets)

  1. Download: Both you and your customers will need to download the TaDaah! app for free.

  2. Register: Register your Applet on TaDaah! yourself (no need for a developer) (Avg. time: Seconds)

  3. Invest: Sign-up for a free Applet or upgrade to a Premium Applet for advanced features and functionality (Avg. cost: $0 - $20/month)

  4. Market: Tell your customers to follow you on TaDaah! (no additional download required) so that they can receive offers, promotions, discounts, etc. directly from your local business via your Applet which you are in total control of.

Unlike mobile appsApplets are a low cost, no code technology that give local businesses the power to compete and win against competitors that are 10X larger.

Covid 19

Why Now?


"There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen."


The global pandemic has accelerated a massive shift to digital offerings across industries in a matter of weeks what might have taken a decade or more before.


We believe a shift to digital-first offerings for local businesses was inevitable, but the pandemic simply accelerated the need for Applets by several years.


Finally, the global pandemic broke the connections between local businesses and their customers in an unprecedented way and those same local businesses will now need faster, simpler and cheaper ways to connect and communicate with their customers post-pandemic.

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We don’t hide behind complex pricing structures – we have simple, easy-to-understand pricing that will help you connect better with customers nearby.

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Applets are a faster, simpler and cheaper way for local businesses to connect with customers nearby.

Snap a photo of what's available or what's happening at your local business.

Use your Applet to post information for easy discovery by customers nearby.

Attract, engage and delight new and existing customers.

Snap. Post. Attract.

What Makes Applets So Different?

Now your local business can finally build your own mobile app with no upfront investment or need for a developer.

By removing various intermediaries, we have not only reduced both the time and cost for connecting with customers nearby, we have given you the means to compete and win against businesses that are 10X your size and that have 10X your marketing budget.

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Applets: The Mobile App of the Future for Local Businesses

Applets level the playing field for access to local customers.

Local Retailer

1.2m away

Local Employer

3.1m away

Local Theater

4.3m away

IF you always dreamed of having your own mobile app, then you can get started today for free!

Applets represent the democratization of local commerce because every local business can have one.

The easiest way to create your own mobile app without spending a lot of money or wasting a lot of time.

Social. Local. Mobile.



If you can type, text or tweet, then you can build your Applet in seconds without ANY coding skills.

Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) builder and editor comes with stunning, preformatted templates that reduce the time and cost to get important information to customers nearby.


Applets will help your local business attract, engage and delight customers in your local community.


Your local business and your customers will need to download new software (the TaDaah! app) to use, access and discover Applets.

We do the work, so you can do the selling

Every Applet comes with an easy to use interface, thoughtful features and all the power of a native mobile app, so you can stay focused on doing what you do best – delighting your customers.

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Please see our FAQs below or complete this form and we will be in touch.



Is it easy to build an Applet?

Yes. TaDaah! offers an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself way to create an Applet in a matter of seconds. Need to connect with customers nearby? Snap, Post and Connect and you can share important information about your local business with customers nearby. Upgrade to Premium and we will guarantee 100% message delivery to any user that follows you on TaDaah!.


Can I create an Applet without knowing how to code?

Absolutely. TaDaah! is user-friendly and makes it possible to build a professional Applet without knowing how to code. In the Applet Editor, you can snap, pin and post any local information, photo, video, etc. that you would like to share with customers nearby.


How do I make my Applet mobile friendly?

Your Applet automatically comes mobile, social and local friendly. The Applet Editor makes it easy to customize your Applet even more which will make easier for your customers to discover your local business on TaDaah!.


How do I create a free Applet?

You can create a free Applet by signing up via our website or by signing up via our mobile app (currently, only available in Apple's App Store). If you sign-up on our website, then you simply download the app and use the same username and password to sign-in to the app and you can begin immediately to snap, post and connect with customers nearby.


What do I get if I upgrade to Premium?

You get enhanced features and functionality:

  • Access to Multiple Applet post templates per location

  • Unlimited Applet updates

  • 100% Guaranteed Message Delivery

  • Video Uploads

  • Ability to Link to Your Website

  • Social Features like the ability be followed 

  • And much, much more . . . .


Should I hire a local marketer to help get the message out about my Applet?

Applets have been designed to be intuitive to use and easy to discover. However, as with any local marketing campaign, it helps to have existing customer relationships in place to leverage new offerings. We don’t hide behind complex pricing structures – we have simple, easy-to-understand pricing that will help you connect better with customers nearby.


How is that I'm able to build and host my Applet for free?

When you create an Applet with TaDaah!, you get reliable, scalable and free Applet hosting. All your local content will be stored on secure servers. So no matter where your visitors come from, your Applet will load fast. All Applets come with free, reliable and scalable hosting; however, if you upgrade you can get enhanced features and functionality.


What makes an Applet so different from everything else in the market?

Applets are not unlike email, websites, social media posts, etc. They are technology (or tools) that a local business can use initially to reach existing customers in the hope that the business will also be able to connect and communicate with new customers.


However, what makes Applets so different from other technologies is that they were designed specifically and exclusively for local businesses and every single Applet is geofenced (i.e., only viewable by people in close geographic proximity to your local business).

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We build software for local businesses that helps them with their marketing, sales and customer service. Our simple and affordable tools help local businesses to attract, engage and delight their most important audience (customers nearby).

Sign-up for a free Applet and use it  to share valuable, relevant and consistent information about your local business with your local community. TaDaah's Applet builder has everything you need to connect with nearby customers, sell what you offer, and grow your local business.

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