A place to . . . Snap. Pin. Earn.

Social networks should reward you when your posts and actions help to make them money. That’s why we’ve created a better social network – a social network that seeks to PAY YOU for your local photos (and brief descriptions) that inform and engage your local community. It’s simple to use, free from ads and connects you with exciting things happening in your local community.

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TaDaah! . . . The first and only local discovery platform that rewards users

TaDaah! is a local discovery platform that rewards users for simply sharing local information that might help others in their local community to LIVE, WORK, SHOP and PLAY BETTER. If you're familiar with Quora or Medium, we think it's time to bring a similar user-first experience to local discovery.

We seamlessly integrate elements of a search engine, social network and local marketplace to create a platform that's 100X better than anything in the market. It's 100X better because it's a platform of user-generated local content where users decide what's "good" content by upvoting the content that creates the most local value.

Our top users (users who earn the most vibes) will be invited to participate in our pilot TaDaah! Influencer Program. Once admitted, users are paid for simply creating Pins (geofenced posts) that create the most value for their local community as measured, in part, by the number of upvotes their Pin(s) receive.

We're all about helping OTHERS

At TaDaah!, we believe we can improve people's lives through business. Our corporate responsibility pledge is not about giving products or food away for free – instead, it's about sharing the value we collectively and collaboratively create with our users.

It's the reason why we will take 30% of the subscription revenue we collect from brands that subscribe to our patent-pending Applets and pay our users who create the most value and engagement on our platform.

Our business model requires us to reach a critical mass of local brands that subscribe to our TaDaah! Premium service in each local market (e.g., 1,000 TaDaah! Premium subscriptions). Once we pass the minimum threshold for that market, we will invite the top local users (users who have earned the most vibes) to join the TaDaah! Influencer Program. We will share 30% of our TaDaah! Premium subscription revenue with the top users in a given community for simply creating user-generated local content that helps others in their local community.

As users, we don't want to search – we want to find

With search engines and websites, the user has to do a lot of work. They have to open a browser and then manually enter keywords into a search box or enter a URL into an address bar ("Pull Information"). In other words, you search and find websites – websites don't find you.

In contrast, with social networks and posts, it's all about a laid-back experience where the people we know and trust (e.g., friends, family members, co-workers) curate content for us. All the user does is simply taps, scrolls and discovers. Posts are dynamically pushed to the user based on their social connections, likes, dislikes, etc. ("Push Information"). Posts find you.

Our platform is built on the premise that content should be delivered to you not hunted for.

Users are rewarded for creating "snackable" local information that helps others

Gen Y (Millennials) and Gen Z create and consume most of their content via tweets, snaps and stories – bite-sized content designed to be pushed to (and consumed on) a mobile device.

Given that local information is often time sensitive, it is best served and consumed as snacks and not smorgasbords.

Our mission is to reward users for simply sharing "snackable" local information that helps others in their local community.

Users Want Snacks, Not Smorgasbords

Our appetite for content is changing. With a steady diet of tweets, snaps and stories, we now want "snackable" content that is (1) quick to create, (2) easy to consume, and (3) enjoyable to digest. Websites are great if you are looking for a smorgasbord, but they slow you down if all you need is a "snack."

So . . . how does "snackable" content work on TaDaah? It's really simple. Let's say you're out and about and you discover there's a concert, a job, a sale, a grand opening, a networking event, a new restaurant, gym, bar, nightclub or a host of other exciting things happening in your local community . . . just snap it and Pin it on TaDaah!.

As others in your local community discover and vote on your Pin, you earn points now (and cash later) for simply helping your local community.

A Pin is the new “website” EXCEPT it's user-generated AND snackable

Producers on Uber earn money for rides and producers on Airbnb earn money for rooms. Well . . . producers on TaDaah! earn money for Pins – "snackable" content about what's happening nearby.

A Pin is simply a location-based post that's exponentially easier to create, consume and share than placing the same content on a website.

Unlike a website, a Pin is (1) bite-sized content that auto-deletes after 1, 7, 14 or 30 days from the date of the post, (2) social content (i.e., you don't search for it, it searches and finds you based on your social connections, likes, dislikes, etc.), and (3) designed specifically for a News Feed.

Our local marketplaces are different from the others

^ On TaDaah!, consumers don't pay producers for services provided. This is in stark contrast to other local marketplaces where riders pay drivers or guests pay hosts.

We (the platform) take a portion of the subscription revenue we collect from local brands for subscribing to our patent-pending geofencing technology (Applets) and pay our producers (top local influencers) for simply sharing ("Pinning") engaging local information.

Download the App Today and Start Pinning

Download the App today and start using and building the first and only local discovery platform that pays users for simply sharing information that helps others in their local communities.

Your voice has value . . . so start earning points today (and cash later) simply by sharing what's happening nearby in your local community.

Local discovery today is still very fragmented

Currently, local discovery is fragmented across multiple competing platforms: (1) Google for local information, (2) Yelp for local reviews, (3) Groupon for local discounts, (4) Eventbrite for local events, and (5) Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for user-generated local content.

What if there was a single platform that could perform the function of all of them PLUS pay you for posting ("Pinning") local information that might help others in your local community to LIVE, WORK, SHOP and PLAY BETTER?

We believe your photos of exciting things happening nearby have value

Anyone who posts engaging and informative local photos on social networks should seriously consider posting those same photos on our local discovery platform.

If you Join the TaDaah! Influencer Program, then you will have an opportunity to earn redeemable Points (and, eventually, cash) by simply posting photos (and brief descriptions) of exciting things happening in your local community.

On TaDaah!, your local photos have the opportunity to earn you both points and cash because we believe your voice has value.

You earn vibes by simply sharing local information that helps others

Everything on our local discovery platform is about earning "vibes" – you earn vibes by simply helping others to discover more in your local community. Vibes are how we keep track of who creates the most value on our platform.

You can think of a "vibe" as a vote – it's simply a way for your local community to show how much they appreciate you for sharing Pins that help others in your local community to LIVE, WORK, SHOP and PLAY BETTER.

The primary way you earn vibes is by pinning good content frequently that's liked by a large number of people in your local community.

Currently, a vibe is a 100% virtual currency (similar to Reddit's karma), but soon we will pay users who are the BEST at "spreading good vibes" in their local community.

Join the TaDaah! Influencer Program!

Meet TaD & the 6As for earning vibes

TaD (pronounced "tahd") is our AI/ML-based algorithm that will score every Pin based on 6 criteria – we call them the 6As for earning vibes.

TaD will score and rank each Pin on a 0 to 5 scale based on how they satisfy the following 6 scoring criteria:

Authentic (0 - 5 points): Information that you would recommend to a friend or family member not information that you Pin just to earn points and/or money.

Actionable (0 - 5 points): Information is actionable (e.g., there is enough information in the Pin for someone in your local community to take action on the information provided).

Appealing (0 - 5 points): Photo looks good (e.g., photo is both clear and visually appealing).

Accurate (0 - 5 points): Information is accurate (e.g., correct date, time, location, price, offer, etc.).

Appropriate (0 - 5 points): Information doesn't contain offensive or inappropriate information (e.g., hate speech, inappropriate content).

Acceptable (0 - 5 points): Information is well-liked and upvoted by the local community (e.g., receives likes of 4 or 5 stars).

We don’t have ads — we have Applets

Applets are our real-time freemium product built exclusively for brands that have a physical location. Similar to Pins, they have been designed for bite-sized content so readers can easily see, scan and share them.

Twitter and the "Tweet" didn't replace a brand's blog or website, Twitter simply made blogs and websites irrelevant when it came to bite-sized, real-time communication.

Similarly, TaDaah! and the "Applet" will not replace a brand's website or mobile app, our local marketplaces of "snackable" local content will simply make websites and mobile apps irrelevant when it comes to sharing bite-sized, real-time local information.

Applets are about getting your message out quickly before your customer taps, clicks, walks or drives away.

How much do Applets cost

There's a free and paid version of our Applets – a technology that will disrupt and transform how local brands connect and interact with their local customers because it feels more like Netflix or Spotify than traditional digital advertising.

Sign-up for TaDaah! Free and begin using Applets to provide instant updates about what's happening at your local brand with a single Applet template.

Upgrade to TaDaah! Premium and you can enhance your ability to share instant updates with unlimited Applet templates that include social templates, photo templates, video templates and a host of other templates that make it exponentially easier for your customers to discover you locally.

Patent-Pending Technology

Our patent-pending geofencing technology is seamlessly integrated into every Applet (both free and paid versions). We've spent the time and money developing a better way for local brands to connect faster, simpler and cheaper so that local brands can focus more on what they do best – helping us to LIVE, WORK, SHOP AND PLAY BETTER in our local communities.

We take 30% of our subscription revenue from Applets and give it to our top local users

We do this because it's not only the right thing to do – it's the smart thing to do.

We've seen this before – local citizens incentivized to perform locally-focused tasks outperform companies. Whether it's food delivery, grocery delivery, passenger delivery, package delivery or a growing list of locally-focused services, local citizens increasingly perform local tasks better than companies.

As a result, why not incentivize local citizens to deliver information about your local brand to other citizens in your local community?

Join the TaDaah! Influencer Program!

Quick to Create, Easy to Consume

With Pins and Applets, each local community can easily "crowdsource" their own local content.

Local content unlike any other content tends to be ephemeral – meaning it's only relevant and current for a small period of time. As a result, hyper-local and hyper-current local content rarely makes it to a website.

Pins and Applets are "snackable" local content that's aligned with the way many of us now consume content across multiple platforms – via very small bursts of information.

It's simple, fast and easy

Tweets, snaps and stories introduced us to bite-sized, grab-and-go content.

Pins and Applets will forever change what we think about such content.

Individuals get paid to create Pins and brands pay for Applets like we pay for our Netflix and Spotify subscriptions.

The content stays fresh

The simplicity and ease of use of both Pins and Applets helps to ensure that content in your News Feed stays fresh.

Additionally, since Pins auto-delete on a 1, 7, 14 or 30 day basis, local content stays extra fresh on our platform.

Fresh content increases engagement.

Personalized just for you . . .

Since our local discovery platform is social, individuals can personalize their News Feed simply by following or unfollowing any given user.

Additionally, brands looking to create snackable content can spice things up by adding a few new recipes to their content cookbooks.

Keep it light with real-time updates

Local consumers use their mobile devices while in line at the grocery store, in waiting rooms, during their morning commutes and at varying points throughout the day. If you're an individual, remember the 5As and if you're a brand, help them pass the time with playful and uplifting bits of content about what's happening at your physical location(s).

Pins and Applets are fundamentally different from websites, so use them to provide real-time updates about what's happening in your local community.


Do you need a TaDaah! Premium subscription to post Pins and earn points now (and cash later)?

  • Absolutely not! Anyone (individuals or brands) can use Pins to share engaging information about something happening in their local community. Anyone (individuals and brands) with something to say can Pin for free and any brand can subscribe to an Applet for free.
  • Actually, local users who Pin the most engaging content will earn points now (and cash later) simply for pinning information that helps others in their local community to LIVE, WORK, SHOP and PLAY BETTER.
  • You only need a TaDaah! Premium subscription if you (1) are a local brand with at least one physical location, and (2) need enhanced features, functionality, capabilities, etc. that are not included in TaDaah! Free.

How much will I make under the Influencer Program?

  • It will vary based upon a number of factors.
  • Currently, users only earn points (Vibe Points) for their Pins, likes, shares, etc. However, once we exit our pilot, users will be paid every month based on how others in their local community engage with their Pins. Some factors we will consider in awarding points now (and cash later) include (1) the number of Pins (how many Pins created), (2) the engagement and applause from the local community (how many 4 or 5 Star reviews you receive for your Pin(s) from local citizens, (3) how many of your Pins were shared, and a host of other scoring factors.

Where does TaDaah! get the money to pay local users?

  • We charge local brands a monthly subscription for TaDaah! Premium – the premium version of our patent-pending geofencing technology.
  • Thirty percent ($3.00) of each local brand's $9.99/month subscription per location is distributed to local users that generate the most local engagement (i.e., 4 or 5 Star reviews).

Why did TaDaah! create the Influencer Program?

  • We believe the current business model for social networks is broken and it's time for a better social network - a social network designed to pay individuals for the value they bring to (and create for) social networks. We believe every voice has value (not just celebrities with millions of followers), so we're building a place where you can share and get rewarded for the value you create.

A Sample Testimonial Posted on Instagram

"I'm really excited to be a part of this new local discovery platform called TaDaah! (@tadaahsocial). I like it because it is a platform that PAYS YOU for sharing what's happening in your local community. It works like this... Snap. Pin. Earn.

Snap a photo of something happening in your local community. Pin it to the location where it is happening.

Earn Points (and eventually cash) when people give your Pin a 4 or 5 Star rating.

You can get more info @tadaahsocial or by clicking the link in my bio."