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 apps to get your local business connected

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One Question

Local Business Owners & Managers

On a scale of 1 – 10, how likely are you to recommend [your local advertising provider] to a friend or colleague?

Local advertising is the strategy of targeting audiences close to the location of a business with messages reflecting the local market.

Promoter: If your score is a 9 or 10, then you are satisfied with the status quo and your business should continue to use the old forms of local advertising to reach your customers.

Detractor: If your score is an 8 or lower, then you're likely unhappy or very unhappy with the status quo, so we've developed the perfect solution that local businesses have been waiting for.

If you want a new local marketing tool that's better at connecting with customers nearby, then you should sign-up for your free smart app today.

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A New Digital Media Platform

Providing solutions for industries ignored by traditional technology providers



Smart Apps

Sharing Local Information

Local brands use their smart app to share local information for easy discovery

Discovering Local Information

Local consumers discover things to do, places to go, stuff to buy, etc. at their favorite brands

When more brands create smart apps

Then more consumers come to see the latest smart apps

Smart Media:

New Digital Media for Local Brands and Local Consumers

Sign-up today and be the envy of any business that doesn't have a physical location because smart apps are available exclusively for local businesses that have one or more physical locations.

Direct Mail Ads

The Old Way

Designed to Fit in a Mailbox NOT a News Feed

U.S. brands spend $40B+ a year on direct mail local advertising.

It's 2020 . . . now, there's a better tool for connecting with customers nearby and it's called a Smart App.

"I'm too busy to stop and listen!"

Local Advertising

  • Direct Mail Ads

  • Newspaper Ads

  • Search Ads

  • Social Ads

  • . . . 

Smart Apps

We've seen the future of digital media.

Because we built it.

Smart Media

A New Type of Digital Media Designed for the News Feed NOT the Mailbox

A Local News Feed Built Right In.

Your customers are going to love your smart app because it "launches" to a location-based news feed not an app store, mailbox or inbox.


Why? Because your customers prefer news feeds over any other medium for connecting and interacting with their favorite brands.


Post photos, videos, promotions, vouchers, etc. instantly about your local business


Connect with customers nearby looking for things to do, places to go, stuff to buy, etc.


Go mobile and connect with your customers via their preferred communication channel


 apps to get your local business connected

What does the future of digital media look like?

The Mall

The Mall

News Feed

News Feed







Social Sharing

Social Sharing

How long does it take to register and use your new digital media?

Most local businesses do not need a downloadable mobile app on their customers' phones – many just need a piece of software that helps them get the job done quickly.

Do your customers need the TaDaah! mobile app to view your smart app?

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The digital media solution local businesses have been waiting for

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TaDaah! is a new digital media platform that connects consumers with local businesses. Our smart media platform helps local businesses increase their local reach and local brand awareness in their communities.

Sign-up for a free smart app and use it to share information about your local business that will help your business get connected.

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