A "smart app" is a no-code mobile app designed to make it easier for local businesses to connect with customers nearby.


 apps to get your local business noticed

According to both the U.S. SBA and FEMA, over 90% of companies fail within 2 years of being struck by a natural disaster, so we created a new category of mobile apps (smart apps) that will help many of them remain open post-pandemic."

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Want to Grow Your Local Restaurant?  

Get a Smart App and Gain an 

Unfair Advantage 


Anyone in your restaurant can make and publish an app in minutes.

Plug and Play

 "Plug" your app in and start connecting with customers nearby.

Local News Feed

Your no-code, plug and play app launches to a local news feed.

Download the TaDaah! app and get a mobile app (a smart appdesigned specifically for local restaurants.

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A Local News Feed Built Right In.

Unlike any other mobile app, your smart app "launches" to a location-based news feed not an app store.


News feeds are better than app stores for connecting and interacting with your customers.

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The Pitch

Mobile Apps for Local Businesses

It's like [Your Favorite Social Network] for Mobile Apps

Research shows that mobile apps for local businesses are the best way to create connections with customers nearby.

As a result, we built a new category of mobile app that focuses 90% on creating customer connections and only 10% on developing a unique piece of software.

Like [your favorite social network], we think the bigger opportunity is in connecting customers not developing software.

The Smart App Platform

Providing solutions for industries ignored by traditional technology providers

When more brands create smart apps

Then more consumers come to see the latest smart apps

Get TaDaah! 

The solution local restaurants have been waiting for


 apps to get your local business noticed

 Smart apps are a new type of mobile app – a reimagined mobile app built specifically for local businesses like local restaurants.

Local Reach: Smart apps will increase your local reach because we will show your restaurant to as many people as possible in your local community.

Local Brand Awareness: Smart apps will create brand awareness that associates your restaurant with the places people will want to visit and dine.

We've seen the future of mobile apps.

Because we built it.

What does your new mobile app

look like?

The Mall

The Mall

News Feed

News Feed







Social Sharing

Social Sharing

How long does it take to get your new mobile app?

Most local restaurants do not need a downloadable mobile app on their customers' phones – many just need a piece of software that helps them get the job done quickly.


An app for creating "plug and play" mobile apps for local restaurants

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TaDaah! is a platform that enables local businesses to get noticed locally by creating and launching smart apps. Our simple and affordable tools help local businesses increase their local reach and local brand awareness in their communities.

Sign-up for a free smart app and use it to share information about your local business that will help your business get noticed.

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